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Our Instruments

  • Casavant Frères, opus 2446, 1958, 3 manual, 27 ranks

                        Follow the progress of our newly-completed organ restoration project

The re-dedication of the Casavant will take place on Sunday, May 19, 2024, at 2:00 pm, featuring organists Malcolm Halliday and Curtis Smith.

  • J. W. Walker, 1996, 1 manual, 6 ranks

  • Steinway model “O” grand piano in excellent condition, as well as numerous other teaching and rehearsal pianos

  • Zuckermann harpsichord, one manual, 8’, 8’ & 4′

  • Schulmerich Handbells, 5 octaves, a gift to the church from the late Mrs. Helen Stolnacke in memory of her husband Carl and their sons, Robert and Alan

  • Malmark Handchimes, 1 set of 4 octaves, and a 2nd set of 3 octaves.

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