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Baby Baptism Ceremony


The sacrament of baptism is an outward and visible sign of the grace of God. Infants, children, youth and adults can be baptized. Baptism is a personal celebration in the lives of the individual candidates and their families. It is also a celebration within the local church family and a recognition of its commitment. For this reason, baptism is celebrated in the presence of the community gathered for worship. If circumstances require baptism to take place outside of corporate worship, members of the local church, if possible, may participate in the ceremony with the pastor. ​ If you would you like to be baptized or have your child/family member baptized at our church, please download the form below and contact the office at



The marriage ceremony is the glad occasion on which two people unite in the mutual exchange of covenant promises. Ours is a beautiful, historic sanctuary and is therefore an appealing place for wedding ceremonies. We marry couples of all sorts here, understanding that God's love is manifest in manifold ways. In this, we rejoice, and would welcome hearing from you if you'd like to celebrate the beginning of your marriage here. ​ If you are considering getting married or renewing your vows at our church, please download the form below and contact the office at

Angel statue


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Our church offers space to host other life events such as baby showers, birthday parties, and more. If you would like more information, please contact the office and/or complete the form below.

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