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Outreach and Mission

Together as a church family, we work together to address the many needs in both our surrounding community and the broader world. The Outreach Committee harnesses the congregation’s dedicated outreach budget and applies it through caring and creative programs in which all members of the Congregation can participate, working with partner organizations to address issues of hunger, homelessness, domestic violence, education, counseling, and the need for support and fellowship. 

We offer many ways to get involved through ministries such as Mustard Seed, Interfaith Family Network, Christmas Giving Tree, clothing drives, special giving opportunities, and more. We are always open to information about new and additional initiatives.

First Congregational Church also extends an outreach of Hospitality to a number of groups that meet regularly in our building space, including Alcoholics Anonymous meetings that take place 7 days a week and multiple Scouting organizations, including Boy Scout Troop 114 that has a history of over 100 years with our church. 

FCC supports the United Church Mission: Southern New England Conference, UCC and the UCC Central Association.

In addition to special projects and collections, below are just some of the organizations we support:

  • Mustard Seed, Worcester

  • St. Anne’s Human Services and St. Anne’s Medical Clinic

  • Shrewsbury Youth and Family Services 

  • Worcester Area Mission Society (WAMS)

  • Interfaith Hospitality Network/In the Hour of Need shelter (IHN)

  • Abby’s House

  • Community Harvest Project farm in Grafton – providing hands-on support to address hunger and food insecurity in our local area.  

  • Barton Center for Diabetes Education

  • Sage Place, Shrewsbury

  • Hope for Housing, Worcester

  • Andover Newton Seminary at Yale

  • Central Mass Housing Alliance Walk for the Homeless


  • LaRomana Ministry

  • Heifer Project International

  • SERVV International - support skilled artisans and farmers around the world as they earn vital income through fair trade. Every purchase of their handcrafts and foods invests in education, basic healthcare, environmental programs, women's rights, community improvement projects, and more.

Youth Mission Outreach

Boston CityReach/Common Cathedral is an overnight urban outreach program begun in March 1996 for youth (with accompanying adults), young adults, and college students from churches of any denomination. The program gives these young people the opportunity to learn firsthand about homelessness from people who have or are currently experiencing it. During the 20-hour session, participants join CityReach staff in street ministry and offer hospitality, food and clothing. This is followed by times of sharing and reflection.

High School Mission trip

Each year the High School Youth Group participates in a week-long Mission Trip. Typically done in the last week in June, the Youth Group and Chaperones travel to a unique location where we learn about hunger, poverty, justice, or homelessness and experience a wide range of opportunities to help others.


This is a time when the youth are challenged to grow and learn how to be active participants in making world a better place. The group is typically housed in churches similar to our own, sleeping on floors or cots, cooking our own dinner. We spend time together discussing what we are seeing and experiencing.


All Youth are welcome - you do not need to be a member of the church or youth group.


Recent mission trips we have taken:

2023 -The Fuller Center in New Rochelle, NY

2022 - JustLiving Farm, Yakima, WA

2021 - Back Bay Mission, Biloxi, MS

2019/2018 - Mission at the Eastward, Farmington, ME

2017 - Old First Church, Philadelphia, PA


At a dedicated worship service following each of these, the youth and adults speak of their experiences and how they were personally impacted.


Music Ministry Outreach

Arts on the Green

Arts on the Green is a series of artistic displays put forward by First Congregational Church to make possible a richer and broader experience of the performing arts for the Town of Shrewsbury and other local communities.


As an historic center of spiritual growth, First Congregational Church supports the important role that the arts play in the development of cultural awareness, appreciation for aesthetics, character development, and the formation of social and spiritual values.


This dynamic series not only provides uplifting entertainment and inspiration, it also works to engage people of all ages and backgrounds, exposing audiences not only to well-established cultural traditions, but also to more contemporary forms of expression. Our hope is that Arts on the Green will enable all of us to gain more insight into the social and cultural concerns of our own time through the experience of the arts.


Arts on the Green is presented in conjunction with the Worcester Cultural Coalition.


Parkinson’s Chorus

This group formed in 2015 as a result of research that shows Parkinson’s patients benefit from vocal training. They meet to rehearse on Monday mornings from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM.

Through the practice of singing regularly, notable improvements have been observed in participants' breath support, articulation, and speech pacing. In addition, participants derive enjoyment and a sense of community and support from weekly rehearsals.

Read more about it:

A Choir Helps People with Parkinson’s Improve Voice Control and Create Bonds

Singing in Shrewsbury provides therapy and comradery for those with Parkinson’s disease


For more information about the chorus, contact David Russell at or 508-753-1660.

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