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Our Foundations

Having erected a meeting house, fifteen male members of the church proceeded to draw up a covenant and select a person to be their minister. The church was organized on December 4, 1723 and Rev. Job Cushing (1694-1760), a Harvard graduate, was ordained its minister on the same day and held the office of pastor until his death on August 6, 1760.


The original “Founding Fathers” of the church:

Job Cushing

Samuel Wheelock

Nahum Ward (2).jpg

Nahum Ward

Simon Maynard

Joseph Sherman

Samuel Bennett

John Keyes

Peter Smith 7621963_1402321598.jpg

Peter Smith

Daniel Rand

John Crosby 7621828_1402322225.jpg

John Crosby

John Keyes, Sr.

Thomas Hall

Edward Goddard, Jr.

Samuel Crosby

Sgt. William Taylor

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