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On March 26th our Youth Group will prepare 50 brown bag lunches to be distributed to anyone in need at All Saints Church on Irving Street in Worcester. The lunches will contain various sandwiches (peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, tuna etc.), a soft dessert or snack, a fruit and a juice box.  There are options to also bring clean white socks, Dunkin Donuts Gift cards in $5 or $10 dollar denominations, or hats and mittens in cold weather. “Worcester Fellowship imagines a church where people with housing and people without housing gather together to share worship, to build community, to know God’s infinite love and find “home” as part of the Body of Christ the Church.”  Pastor Zach Kerzee.



Leaving on Sunday June 25, 2023, returning on Saturday, July 1st.

The Fuller Center for Housing of Greater New York City, faith-driven and Christ-centered, promotes collaborative and innovative partnerships with individuals and organizations in an unrelenting quest to provide adequate shelter for all people in need throughout the New York Metropolitan Area. The Center works in collaboration with our covenant partners, other service-oriented organizations and countless volunteers to build and repair homes. All homeowners work hand-in-hand with volunteers to build their own homes, which are then sold to them on terms they can afford, based on the Biblical idea of no-profit, no-interest loans. Please support our Youth Group. There will be fundraisers coming up!

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